• The MCITP certifications provide a basis for supporting IT professionals in specific job roles. They build on the current Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist (MCTS) credentials. The purpose of the credential is to demonstrate a person's range and depth of experience, skills, and mastery of Microsoft technologies.

    There are several credentials possible within the MCITP package, including:

    • Consumer Support Technician
    • Enterprise Support Technician
    • Enterprise Administrator
    • Server Administrator
    • Database Administrator
    • Database Developer
    • Business Intelligence Developer
    • Enterprise Project Manager
    • Enterprise Messaging Administrator

    All credentials require at least two years experience as an IT professional. In addition to the experience requirement, a candidate must pass two exams:
    • 70-620 Configuring Windows Vista
    • 70-622 Microsoft Desktop Support - Enterprise

    The exams cover the same topics at different depths, including:
    • Installing and upgrading Windows Vista
    • Configuring and troubleshooting post-installation system settings
    • Configuring Windows security features
    • Configuring network connectivity
    • Configuring applications included with Windows Vista
    • Maintaining and optimizing systems that run Windows Vista
    • Configuring and troubleshooting mobile computing
    Self enrolment

  • Microsoft Certified Desktop Support Technician is designed to validate a person's ability to successfully troubleshoot desktop environments running a Microsoft Windows operating system. The certification does not focus just on the technical knowledge required in situation, but the soft skills to educate users to solve hardware and software problems with the operating system and applications.

    MCDST certification requires the passing of two exams:

    • 70-271 – Supporting users and troubleshooting a Windows XP Operating System
    • 70-272 – Supporting users and troubleshooting Desktop Applications on a Windows XP Operating System

    The topics covered by these exams include:
    • Troubleshooting an installation of Windows XP
    • Managing and Troubleshooting Access to Resources
    • Configuring and Troubleshooting Hardware Devices and Drivers
    • Configuring and Troubleshooting the Desktop and user Environments
    • Troubleshooting Network Protocols and Services

    • Configuring and Troubleshooting Applications
    • Resolving Issues Related to Usability
    • Resolving Issues Related to Application Customization
    • Configuring and troubleshooting Connectivity for Applications
    • Configuring Application Security

    With the certification, a candidate can move forward in their career path by attempting certification in a number of areas:
    • MCTS for Configuring Microsoft Vista
    • MCITP for Enterprise Support
    • MCITP for Consumer Support Technician

    MCDST is an ideal certification for individuals who are in a customer support environment aiding users running a Windows operating system. This includes individuals fulfilling roles of
    • Customer Support Representative
    • Help Desk Technician
    • Customer Support Specialist
    • Technical Support Representative
    • Desktop Technician
    Self enrolment
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