Citrix XenDesktop 4

The Citrix Certified Administrator certification series is a number of certifications designed for IT associates spanning several Citrix solutions. Each certification is product based and consists of 3 designations:

• Citrix Certified Administrator
• Citrix Certified Administrator Platinum
• Citrix Certified Advanced Administrator

This study guide focuses on topics relevant to Desktop Virtualization and the core product, XenDesktop. The A17 exam is designed for persons in the following roles:
• Network Administrators
• Systems Administrators
• Desktop Administrators
• Microsoft Active Directory Administrators
• Data Center Administrators
• Citrix Certified Instructors.

The exam covers:
• XenDesktop Architecture
• XenApp Licensing and Installing
• XenDesktop Installations
• Provisioning Services vDisks
• Pre-installation Considerations
• Delivering Desktops
• Managing XenDesktops
• ICA Configurations
• Application Management.