Citrix Netscaler 9.0

The Citrix Certified Administrator certification series is a number of certifications designed for IT associates spanning several Citrix solutions. Each certification is product based and consists of 3 designations:
• Citrix Certified Administrator
• Citrix Certified Administrator Platinum
• Citrix Certified Advanced Administrator

The topics of the administrative series are:
• Application Virtualization
• Desktop Virtualization
• Server Virtualization
• Application Networking

This study guide focuses on topics relevant to Application Networking and the core product, NetScaler. The A11 exam is designed for persons in the following roles:
• Network Administrators
• Network Engineers
• Security Administrators
• Systems Engineers
• Technical Support Staff
• Consultants
• Architects
• Integrators
• Trainers
• Sales Engineers

Individuals taking the exam should already have an understanding of:
• OSI Network Model
• Network devices
• Basic systems administration
• Web server software
• DNS, SSL, and compression concepts
• Server load balancing and content switching
• Network security threats

The exam covers:
• Network deployment and architecture
• Initial configuration and installation
• Managing and securing
• Auditing and monitoring
• High Availability